Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Christmas Tradition

This weekend we continued our tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree.  This year was a little different than the last three though...there wasn't snow on the ground yet, but we decided we didn't want to wait for Mother Nature to cooperate.  Also, every year we go with intentions of getting a smaller tree (living in the city means our space is very limited) and every year we come back with a huge tree that we swear must have grown two feet in both directions on our way home.  We usually have to cut off part of the back side and a few inches of the trunk to allow it to fit in our dining room.  This year was different.  We chose the PERFECT tree.  The size is just right!  We also wasted no time picking it out which is usually a challenge all of its own.  Jon and I are both pretty particular, but I am TERRIBLE at making decisions.  I have to make sure I have measured ALL my options before I feel I can make an educated decision, but this year I bet we found our victim, er, I mean tree in less than 10 I just have to get the lights on it and get it decorated!

Our family picture. 
Not the greatest pic, but that is what happens when you are at the mercy of a stranger :o )
That is our tree behind us - before the cut.

Bowman is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  He is bred to pull, so his Christmas 'treat' is to pull our tree back to the car every year.  Although he looks a little hesitant in this picture, I assure you he loves it!  Noah is excited to race Bowman.

Bowman at work.

Millie loves to have Noah pull her in the wagon.  Surprisingly, she sits still!

And Noah loves to pull his little sis.

The three amigos.
(I wish I could say the kids are so good at posing for pics and that is how I was able to get them both looking in the same direction - which NEVER happens, but they were actually looking at the tree as it fell off the top of the car!  I just got lucky.)