Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crais-zy O's

I just thought I would take a quick minute to share one of N & M's favorite snacks...
We call it Crais-zy O's - mix Craisins (dried cranberries) and Cheerio's in a bowl and, voila! A nice quick snack! They have both loved this combo since they were toddlers...and since they could eat the craisins with out choking :0) I buy both at Costco so we always have them on hand. Enjoy!

....also, you might note that in the picture above Millie's snack cup matches her shirt...that is NOT coincidence. She like to make sure her snack bowls, vitamins, etc match what she is wearing whenever possible (not sure she gets that from me...I like to not be so matchy - matchy, instead coordinate in less obvious ways, but who am I to judge!)

Making the most of it

Today is April 19th and the second day of Noah's Spring Break. Unfortunately, it feels like it should be November! Yesterday we couldn't bring ourselves to leave the house (we woke up to a layer of SNOW outside!) so today we had a number of errands to run...despite the cold and wind and rain. I bundled Noah and Millie up in layers and their rain boots and we had a chilly, but splash-tastic time!

Thank you, my Little Stinkers, for your help today! My patience wore a little thin when you were chasing each other around the clothing racks with your balloons in tow while shrieking and giggling loudly, but I know these days don't last forever so instead I try to cherish rather than cringe when you tackle each other to the ground and hide from me in the racks. I love you! (Note to self - next time, think twice before leaving the stroller at home).

PS - Happiest Birthday to my wonderful husband!! We have a nice little celebration planned for you tonight!