Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello Stranger!

I just checked my blog to check to see what my last post was about...whoa! I knew it had been awhile, but July? Clearly it's due time for a little attention! Life always seems to be crazy and has been seeming to pass by without time to even catch my breath, but that is all the more reason to stay updated with my only 'journaling/record keeping' method! I can't promise long descriptions, or daily posts, but I do want to try to 'get back on the blogging wagon' least in some form!
So for today, I will leave you with a recent picture of Noah and Millie. Since school has started (Noah in kindergarden - Millie in preschool) art has become a daily occurrence in our house - I love it!! Coloring, drawing, name it. A year ago, Noah's pictures were stick figures of our family and now he has drawn and written his first book (it maybe about Starwars, but nonetheless) and Millie loves to color - with every color under the sun, stays in the lines and is working on her name. They make me so proud!