Friday, February 13, 2009

Goodbye Babies, Hello Park City

Last weekend Jon and I traveled to Park City, Utah for a little vacation. We were invited to a destination wedding held there for friends of our who live here in Chicago. We thought it would be a good opportunity to go to a fun ski town to ski as we would proabably never plan a ski trip on our own. Neither one of us has skiied since high school and even then it was only a few times. This trip (sadly enough) was our first trip away, just the two of us, since before Noah was born...three years ago! It was tough to pull away that morning when we left for the airport, but I knew the kids were in good hands (thanks Mom and Dad!) and Millie was FINALLY taking a bottle after a week and a half of begging and pleading. She finally broke down a day and a half before we left! So, we were then free to have some fun.

Picture of the mountains taken from the plane as we landed. They were beautiful!
We did have lots of fun and it was nice to just hang out together without interruptions...although it did take some adjusting at first. For the first day I felt anxious, like I needed to be on a schedule! But I quickly adjusted, especially when Jon and I strolled down Main Street and sat in a cafe and read some books we bought, drank coffee and just watched the people walk by.
Jon and Tonya on Main Street

(this is where the Sundance Film Festival was just a few weeks before)

Saturday evening we attended the wedding. The ceremony was held in a beautiful, old Catholic church just off main street and the ceremony was held at the Silver Lake Lodge at the Deer Valley Ski Resort. It was such a nice wedding and we had a wonderful time! One thing I loved were their place cards and table name cards, etc...ha ha, I had to say that. I designed them for the bride. This was one of the projects that has been keeping me busy lately. It was pretty neat to see my work! I do a lot of orders, but I am usually not invited to the event, so this was fun (and rewarding!) to see everything displayed.

We reserved all day Sunday for skiing. It was a lot of fun...eventually. We arrived at the resort, had breakfast at one of the cafes and then rented all the equiptment we needed. We chose a green (easy) hill to start on and away on the ski lift we went. When we arrived at the top we asked one of the men who worked there which run was the best for our skill level and he said he was headed that way and would take us...I think if he knew what he was in for he would have run in the other direction! We were so lucky to have him with us though. Howard (yes, we were soon on a first name basis) was terribly patient when he realized how clueless we really were and helped us all the way down. After a lunch break, we hit the slopes again and the second run was MUCH more enjoyable!

All in all, the skiing part was fun, but we probably won't be planning another trip anytime soon. Not to say we will never ski again, but just not anytime in the near future.

View from the middle of a run (Success) at Deer Valley Ski Resort.

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The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

So happy you two had a good time!! It is always hard leaving the kiddos, but I find that once I am away it feels good to have a little one-on-one time with my husband too.

We flew into Utah last weekend...beautiful area!!!

Take Care!