Sunday, June 5, 2011

Self service

Noah and Millie beat Jon and I out of bed this morning. We heard both of them in the kitchen and just thought they were getting themselves a glass of water. It wasn't until we heard a BOOM and an "Uhhgg! Millie, I slipped and dropped the strawberries!" that we realized they were up to something more. Millie responded with "Oh no Noah!". So he washed them again (in our hallway bathroom sink...he can't reach the kitchen sink) and then we heard another BOOM..."Ahhhgg! Millie! I dropped them AGAIN!!". At that point Jon and I were hysterical. He manages to successfully wash them for the third time. After a few more minutes go by, he comes running into our room and says..."Mommy, I made our favorite breakfast all by myself! Yogurt, strawberries and granola!" Jon went to assess the damage and quickly called for me..."You're going to want to see this!"
After dodging a puddle of water in the hallway (from the draining package of strawberries) I entered the kitchen to find this...

He rinsed the strawberries, 'cut' the tops off (with a Gerber knife that is as sharp as a spoon!), gave both Millie and himself equal amounts of yogurt and poured the granola on top. They were loving it and Noah was VERY proud! I was very proud to...I really expected to find a huge mess of yogurt with granola all over. Not the case at all.
The 'best' part...
Millie: "Uh oh Noah, I has two dog hairs!" as she picks them off her strawberries. I guess Noah needs to work on his rinsing skills.
Good work buddy!!

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