Monday, December 8, 2008

A Winter Outing

Our morning started by driving about 40mi north of the city to Gurnee
to attend a family iceskating event sponsored by Jon's company.
Neither Jon nor I have been iceskating in YEARS, but we were
cautiously optimistic about going, and knew we couldnt pass up an
opportunity for Noah to skate 'like the hockey players on tv.'

Although we didn't stay very long, the time we were there was action
packed. Jon took Noah out first, then I took him for a spin. We made
it around the whole circle of the rink without falling! We did get
stuck at one point because he started moving his feet so fast - it was
making me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants...then he was
laughing...we were immobilized with laughter!!

Next we were off to cut down our Christmas three. We have been cutting
down fresh trees since the year of Noah's first Christmas and have
decided to make it our tradition. Fortunately, we have had snow every
year since so we get a great pic...not to mention the experience of
trudging through the snow. Millie was in her bunting strapped to the
front of me and Noah was on foot. He started getting frustrated
because his glove kept coming off and the snow was a little deep.
Bowman LOVED frolicking in the snow...until we hooked him up to the
tree. He pulls it for us back to the car. Usually he likes it, but
this year he struggled a little.

All in all, it was a great day and we were all exhausted when we got

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