Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our typical morning.

I know I have written about our typical day before, but that was a while ago and since Noah started school last fall, the schedule has changed slightly. We still try to take Jon to work most days, pick up
a bagel, banana, etc for breakfast and then head to school. Eventhough mornings are hectic, it is (strangely) nice to be in the car for a little bit in the morning. Jon and I use the time to talk about what
we have planned for that day/week and the kids get some quiet time before the craziness of the day begins (unfortunately that waking up time isn't always quiet, hehe). After Millie and I walk Noah to class
we usually run a few errands, spend some Millie & Mommy time playing, then it is time to pick up Noah again.
Anyway, this morning was just like any other morning, except, for the first time I looked back and Noah and Millie were holding hands while sitting in their carseats. There are many times in the course of the
day that they are so sweet to each other...and definitely times when they are not! Today I am choosing to savor one of the sweet moments...

(as you can see, Bowman is also always a part of our daily routine!)

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