Monday, February 1, 2010

My little book worms

After lunch I usually try to clean up quickly before Millie and Noah get into playing with something only to have me pull them away minutes later for naptime.  Well, today while I was rinsing the dishes I realized it was pretty quiet...too quiet.  That usually means I will find the hallway covered in toilet paper, two soaking wet kids playing in the sink, a mountain of pillows on my bed with N & M burried at the bottom, or any one of  a million new messes they happen to come up with that day. 
Well, much to my surprise, this is what I found...
Two little book worms.
It was so quiet I could almost hear the gears spinning in their little heads!  LOVE it!

Although I was slightly surprised, this is a sight I have been seeing very often lately.  Millie loves books and Noah really wants to be able to read...really read...not just look at the pictures and make up the story (eventhough he does like to do that too).  Millie does well with recognizing objects in books by name, pointing to them and trying to say the words while Noah is working on putting the sounds of his letters together to pronounce the words.  I guess that is what I get for reading a naptime story and bedtime story to each of them everyday since they were 2-3months old...I only hope their love of reading and learning lasts the rest of their lives!

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Bonnie said...

Just loved the intent looks on N & M reading in Millie’s room.