Thursday, February 4, 2010

Noah's Art

Two nights ago Jon and I were preparing dinner while the kids were playing in Millie's room.  Millie had taken a baggie of crayons in with her and dumped them all over the floor (my ultrasensitive Mommy ears heard that much), she likes to do this and then picks them up and starts all over again.  Well, Noah was in there too and it sounded like he was kicking them around the room (one of his new favorite things to do it seems...kicking things out of his way, ugh), so I asked him to help Millie pick up the crayons before dinner was ready.  Well, it was quiet in there for awhile and Noah came out and said they picked up the crayons...I wanted to check and he said "No Mommy, you can't go in Millie's room."  That response usually means I absolutely need to go in Millie's is what I found...
I couldn't believe my eyes.  He has NEVER EVER done anything like this.
Aparently he made his way around the room to the dresser...marking everything on his way...cushions (3), more wall (4spots) , the crib (3), the changing table (2)...the more I looked, the more scribbles I found...including some in the hallway, bathroom, my room and master bath...ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
Needless to say, we had a little (okay, big) discussion regarding what we do and do NOT color on.  And hopefully it will not happen again!  Just to reinforce the topic a little more...
Noah and Mr. Clean got to work.
Usually I have a tough time tossing my kids' artwork, but this time I had NO problem with it.
Thank goodness for Magic Eraser!

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Bobbie said...

Tooooo funny!