Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Easter 2010

We had a nice Easter in Chicago this year.  Here are the highlights...

On Friday, we invited our neighbors down to color eggs with us.  It was crazy fun!  After the kids went to bed, we enjoyed a nice dinner...one of Jon's specialties...roasted lamb - delicious!

Millie looved dumping her eggs in the dye...most of them ended up with cracks on them, but who cared? 

N&M after church.
  Millie was pretty tired and this is Noah's standard 'smile' when we say...'Noah, smile!' 
Real nice Noah. 
The only way we can get him to smile is to tell a knock knock joke...

After the knock knock joke.

Hunting for eggs in the front yard.

Noah finds one in the tulips.

Millie managed to find a few...even after Noah pretty much 'cleared the field'

After their hunt, they both sat on the sidewalk and worked on peeling their eggs.  This kept them busy for at least 15 minutes...now I know how to entertain them when I need to get things done...bring on the eggs!

More concentrating...Bowman keeping watch.
Although they look so innocent with their eggs...the moment was not without a little rivalry.  A couple times Noah caught Millie stealing an egg from his bucket.  He was not too happy, but in Millie's defense...he had 90% of the eggs!!

I hope everyone had as wonderful an Easter as we had.
We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful morning!

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