Thursday, April 29, 2010

Right now...

Right now I am sitting in the car downtown waiting for Jon to get out
of work so he can take the kids and Bowman to meet Bonnie (my mother-
in-law) who is keeping Bowman for the week while we are on a much
needed vacation (big thanks to B and R!) while I go home to finish
packing, wrap up the last of my outstanding orders and clean the
house. Noah has a crazy hat on and no shoes and is doing his fire
truck impression over and over and over. Millie has also taken off
her shoes, pulled one arm out of her shirt and is singing her 'pretty'
song...'pretty' loud! (if you have ever heard a cat fight, it sounds a lot like that). The sunroof is open, windows are down,
passersby are staring...or laughing...and I am giggling too.
Welcome to my crazy life.

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