Friday, May 14, 2010

We're Back...

We are back from our trip to Florida.  It was SUCH a wonderful trip we only wish we could have extended it another week!  The kids were so good and the weather was beautiful (nice and hot, but a good change from the soggy cold we have had in Chicago).  We had a couple things on our agenda while we were down there...a trip to Ft. Myers to visit family, a trip to the beach...and of course our visit to 'Mickey's Castle' (Noah's words for Disney World) and the rest of the days were filled with fun times at the amazing kiddie pools at our resort.  Here is a quick run-down of our trip:

Day 1
Left the house at 4:30am to make our 6:30am flight.
Arrived in FL in once piece - once there, we grabbed our luggage, rented our car and made it to our resort all in less than 1 hour...Jon and I make a great team!!!
Stocked up on groceries and other necessities for the week.
Went to the pool.
I placed a bet on Super Saver to win the Kentucky Derby...and WON!
Kids went to bed in the same room...and Millie in a 'big girl bed' (for the first time)...and loved it!
Jon and I pretty much hit the sack soon had been a long, crazy, day.

Day 2
Lazy morning
Lazy day by the pool
The 'pirate pool'- it has two small slides on the other side.  Both kids enjoyed the slides!
Packed up and drove to Ft. Myers that evening
Had a great meal near Ft. Myers beach...including an icecream treat!

Day 3
Went to the pool with Aunt Verda while Jon and Uncle Dale played golf
Kids both took loooong naps that day...just about the only day they had naps!!
Another GREAT dinner at the Beachey house...thanks D & V!
Packed up and drove back to Orlando that evening.

Day 4
Lazy day at the pool

Day 5
Arrived at Disney World before the park opened to the public.
Had an early breakfast at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and Friends.
Millie was not too sure about those huge, fuzzy characters - Noah loved them!
Headed straight to Mickey's house to meet him and Minnie
Met Goofy and Donald...they made Noah laugh...then Noah started breakdancing for them... on the ground...that made Goofy and Donald laugh!
Rode lots of rides
Shared ice cream
Rode more rides
Watched the Fireworks
Left the park at closing time
What a loooong, but wonderful and 'magical' day!
N & M's new best friends

Day 6
Recover from 'Disney Day'
More lazy-ness at the pool
(actually, the pool is anything but lazy with these two!)

Day 7
Drove to Cocoa Beach for a day of sun, sand and waves.  The kids loooved playing in the sand and the waves!  They would have stayed all day if we let them...we spent FIVE hours there!
Noah riding the waves
Millie exploring the sand

Day 8
Pack'em up and ship'em out.
Kids slept for half the flight home and overall, were very good!
Breakfast the morning we left...they insisted on eating ALL their meals outside!

It was so nice to have 100% family time for an entire week!  Jon and I have both been crazy with work lately, so time with our two favorite people was just what we needed to recharge and put things in perspective.  We all had such an incredible time and can't wait for our next family trip together!


Jenna said...

Brings tears to my eyes!! Your family deserved this much needed vacation and family time. Love and miss you guys

Julie said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic time. Love all of the pictures :)