Thursday, January 15, 2009

Habla Espanol

Just a funny little Noah story.
Today I took Noah to Lulu's house to play while I ran a few errands (Lulu is our babysitter who lives just a few houses is so nice to have a great sitter so close!) Lulu grew up in Mexico and very often speaks spanish to the children she watches. I have heard her speak to Noah in spanish before and he always seems to know what she is saying. Well, today I brought him home just before his naptime and offered him a small graham cracker before we went to read his story. He took one and then said "Mama, I want mas" 'Mas' is the spanish word for 'more.' I'm not sure how I knew that myself, and I probably wouldn't have picked up on it if I had not watched Lulu help him put his coat on while telling him to put his arms in the sleeves, in spanish. I thought it was so funny and I told Jon about it when he got home from work. Well, he was able to witness it for himself when, again, at dinner we were eating and Noah asked for "Mas Daddy." Who knew one day Noah would be teaching US a word or two!!

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