Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Activities

Whether your political beliefs are Republican, Democratic or somewhere in between, yesterday was a day for the history books. I know Noah probably will not remember the significance of the day, but I still thought I would do somethings to make the day fun and special anyway!

We first started the day with pancakes for breakfast...not the boring buckwheat pancakes we usually have, but instead...

Presidential Pancakes!!

Needless to say, Noah gobbled these up! His fave fruit are strawberries and blueberries and who doesn't like a little powdered sugar? I was pretty impressed with how the stars turned out...Noah couldn't have cared less.

Later in the morning we painted. I gave him red, white, and blue paint to use. After painting and it was time for his nap, I read him Duck for President a cute book about a duck who doesn't like the chores he has to do on the farm, so he decides it would be better to run for President. Cute book.

I watched a lot of the Inauguration on TV while I finished up some details for a wedding invite order. It was clear that Noah had no idea what was going on when he said "Look Mommy, hockey!" after seeing all the people waiting in Washington DC for Obama to speak! There were a lot of people there (close to 2million?) and it was cold, but sorry Buddy, it was not a hockey game. He maybe started to understand a little more after he saw Barack and Michelle walking down the street with the parade because it was then he finally asked..."Mommy, who dat?" I told him it was the new President of the United States. "Oh."

Hopefully by time the next inauguration comes around he will have a little more understanding of how important that day is to our history...and our future.

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