Thursday, January 22, 2009

Millie Milestone #1

At 6months old, Millie has hit quite a few milestones already, but this is the first one I have documented in my blog, so it is Milestone #1.

I put her down for her nap this morning and usually she either goes right to sleep, or coos a little before she drifts off to dream land, but today was a little different. I could hear her grunting and moving around in her crib through the monitor. So, I checked the camera (we have security cameras aimed at both Noah and Millie's beds so we can check on them if need be). She had rolled over!! She has already been rolling when laying on her belly and she pushes up with her arms, but until this morning she has never rolled from her back to her belly. Yeah Millie!

We are now one step closer to her running around all over the place like her big brother. As excited as I am to see her develop new skills and progress, I want her to slow down at the same time. They are both growing WAY too fast!!!

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Jeannie said...

Hey Tonya,
I love how you are cherishing every moment!! I wish this was around when Danny and Jenny were little. I say all the time I wish they would stop growing!! Just wait until Noah is almost as tall as you (like Danny is, at almost 13) and Millie gets braces (like Jenny).
I love reading about you all!
Thanks for letting us be a fly on your wall!!
Love, Jeannie