Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Egg-cellent Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! We just returned home after vacationing in Florida for the week (more on this in a future post), but we still had time to color eggs and await the arrival of the Easter Bunny. Noah was excited for his visit this year. He had a great time hunting for eggs while Millie watched and giggled. After he found all his eggs he kept asking where the Easter Bunny was. I told him he visited while we were sleeping and Noah's response..."That Easter Bunny, kinda sneaky!" Yes, he is!

Here are a few of the eggs we colored. I thought Noah would lose interest after decorating just a few, but he surprised me by saying..."Do more, Mommy, do more!" We colored 17 eggs with only a few casualties. Next year I will have to hard boil a boat load of them so Noah and Millie and Mommy all have enough to color. (Mommy had a little trouble at first giving her eggs to Noah to color after he quickly colored all his - so we worked together to decorate the rest and that made us both happy).

The flowers in the picture above were made with coffee filters. We folded them in half, then in half again, etc until they were as narrow as we could make them. Then we dipped them in the remaining dye, unfolded them and set them out to dry overnight. The next morning, we made them into pretty flowers by layering and twisting and holding them together with a pipe cleaner stem! I'm sure you could do this anytime of year using food coloring as well.


Bobbie said...

That Easter Bunny is one magical rabbit, isn't he! Such cute flowers, Tonya! Happy Easter (a day late) to all of you!

Tonya said...

Thanks Bobbie! I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family!

Julie M said...

This is great!!! I LOVE the coffee filter flowers -- that's so cute :)