Friday, April 3, 2009

Tree Update - Spring?

(I wanted to post this last weekend and completely forgot, but I still wanted to make sure it gets added)

I haven't done a Tree Update in quite some time, but you haven't missed much. It has been the same old, bare bones, brown tree for quite a few months now. For the past three for four weeks I have been taking quick peeks at it, keeping my fingers crossed hoping that maybe THIS will be the time I see the first signs of new Spring growth. Well Sunday there were some changes from the boring brown...
These were NOT the changes I had in mind! I guess you never know what to expect from Mother Nature sometimes. She loves to keep us guessing. The funny thing is that on Jan 10th, I posted this picture of the tree and 'couldn't stop looking at how pretty it was'. It is interesting how a few months and a couple 70 degree days just a few weeks ago can turn an average cold, snowy day even more bitter!

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