Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can't Live Without...#1


I have lists, and lists of my lists...

I don't know what I would do without them. I probably write at least one or two everyday. On the side of my fridge I have a small wipe-off board with the following lists that I would be lost without:
Costco list
Grocery list
Target list
Honey-do list
Planned meals for the week list
Future projects to-do
I used to have these lists on separate little post-it notes floating around my kitchen and have found over the past couple years, that this process of having one location for the bulk of my lists has been a good method for me. To others it probably looks like a complete mess, but as I am always telling Jon..."There is a method to my madness!" ...and this method seems to be working for me.
One of my very favorite lists is my Family Packing List.
All our family lives 2hrs+ away from us, so we always seem to traveling out-of-town. Trying to pack two kids, a dog, myself and sometimes my husband is no small chore and is never something I look forward to. With kids, there are sooo many little things to remember and most of the time I would forget at least one thing. How does that saying go?... 'Necessity is the mother of invention?' Well that was definitely the case here. I HATE forgetting things and since I was packing the same stuff every time, I made a list of everything we need when we travel. I laminated it and use a dry erase marker so it can be used over and over. The picture here is a new one I just made. The old one I have used for the past two years only had one column of check-off boxes and now we have Millie, so I needed two columns. I also added and deleted a few things. I love it.
The thing I love most about my lists - the feeling of accomplishment - no matter how small, when I get to cross something off!

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The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

OK...I also am completely addicted to lists (I think I've also posted about it)...but I've NEVER thought of laminating one!!! YOU ARE GENIUS!!!! I am going to have to copy you on that one!!!