Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Training

Maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself, but we are SO ready for spring. I am not usually one who complains much about winter, but this winter has been a tough one. This year it seems like we are a little more stir crazy than usual, probably the difference between having just one kid, versus having two now? Or maybe it is the three weeks of sickness we recently endured! Anyway, today we were eager to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures!
We headed up to the lake (Lake Michigan) where we usually take Bowman to run and swim. Montrose Beach is a beach that is designated for dogs to run, swim and just be dogs. It is so funny to see so many dogs (easily 100+ in the summer) running, chasing, fetching, swimming, etc all in one place. Today we passed on the beach and instead played in the open field/park area across the street. Here we ran Bowman (he loves to fetch his tennis ball) and played baseball with Noah.
Last year, Noah was mainly interested in hitting balls off the tee or off this ESPN baseball machine that he loves, and it was amazing to see how great his hand-eye coordination was for a then two year-old! This year we bought him a new glove so he can practice catching and throwing. We had such a good time taking turns hitting, catching, throwing and running the bases.
Noah trying on his new glove.

Millie sitting on her blanket cheering us between fistfulls of leaves - yuck!

I hope everyone was able to get out this weekend and enjoy the sunshine too!


Jenna said...

We love the Pink IU outfit...I think we gave Millie looks super cute on her!! So glad the hood fits over her head :)

Bobbie said...

Looks like a fun day at the park! These long, cold winters sure make us appreciate the warm spring days when they arrive! I checked out the ESPN Batting Machine - it's so cool! My granddaughter, Eva, would be in heaven with that machine! I think we need to plan a baseball game with Noah and Eva this summer when we all get together!

Tonya said...

That would be so fun to get together. We will do it for sure!