Friday, March 20, 2009

Millie Milestone #3

Millie has a new game she LOVES to play. "How big is Millie?" "SO BIG!" Of course she isn't saying "So big", but she raises her arms when I say it. It is absolutely adorable.

Noah, in his attempt to not be left out of the game, tells me what questions to ask Millie...for example:

Noah: Mommy, how Noah big?
Mommy: Millie, how big is Noah?
Millie: (Raising her arms) Giggle, giggle!
Mommy: So big!
Noah: Mommy, how Daddy big?

... and so on, until he has made it through everyone in the family including Bowman and the house and anything else that happens to catch his eye.

How big is my love for these two little ones? SOOO BIG!


Jenna said...

Millie is adorable! We can't wait till the girls are big enough to play together and get in trouble at Grandma and Bob's House :)

Bobbie said...

Sooo cute!!!